Being qualified to understand the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and acquainted with the knowledge about range of study options available, we are confident in constructing appropriate learning pathways for you.
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There are different types of Educational Institutions in Australia, and students can gain different types of qualifications from each of them. We assist you in selecting the appropriate institute as per the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework, while keeping in mind the common points at which international students enter and leave Australia's education system.


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About Al-Noor Education Consultants

ANEC is an international student advisory organisation. We provide professional higher education counselling to students around the world by offering accurate, comprehensive, and current information about opportunities to study at accredited postsecondary institutions in Australia. ANEC is your official source on Australian higher education.

We are a team of qualified education counsellors and immigration lawyers. Our Overseas Education Consultant guides students to find the right university and after selection ensures that they meet the visa requirements to match their academic goals.

Why Study in Australia

With thousands of academic programs, world-class institutions, and unmatched flexibility, Australia offers a wealth of higher-education opportunities that you will not find anywhere else in the world!
Australia is one of the top ranked study destinations with the world’s fastest growing number of international students. Australia is known for its Clement weather, beautiful beaches, multicultural community and food, and the most reputed universities and colleges, offering higher and more technical education that is second to none.


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Why choose us

Professional choice

Start your career pathways with professionals!
We provide reliable, hassle-free and comprehensive admission guidance which will help you in selecting the right course and institute for the right career opportunities.

Wide range of Courses

You have a choice to select from wide variety of courses and career pathways, available through Australian TAFE colleges, private colleges, and universities in multiple disciplines.

Quality control

ANEC motivates you to stay on track by playing an important role in looking after the welfare of international students. We provide pastoral care, which includes services such as social, emotional, and cultural support, alongside specialized advice and information for students while they are in Australia.

Career Counselling

We equipped you with the right information to find right answer for the maze of your questions and to find right career solutions best suited for your profile and ambitions.


Dealing with ANEC is extremely enjoyable, and addictive and communicating with us is easy and convenient. We keep you updated with the progress at each step of the admission and visa process. We take care of all your concerns and inquires and endeavour to provide you timely and correct answers so that we can concentrate on your learning.

Central Location

We are based in Sydney, Australia. Being situated locally in Australia, we can provide you with the best available advice on choosing your course, institute and even your city, according to your future plans and dreams.

Contact Information

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NSW, Australia